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RI-F385-G Energy Meter With Integrated Pulse OutPut & RS485/Modbus RTU

RI-F385-G Wielofunkcyjne Mierniki Parametrów Sieci


  • Single and 3 phase 4 wire network , balanced or unbalanced load operation.
  • 96 x 96 mm Panel Mounting.
  • Integrated Built in single pulsed output and RS485 Modbus/RTU.
  • Active energy class 1 (EN62053-21).
  • Reactive energy class 2 (EN62053-23).
  • Backlit LCD display with bargraph current indication on every page.
  • 330 mV current transformer input.
  • Programmable CT ratio 5-10,000 A.
  • Programmable VT Ratio.
  • Single phase : 80-265 Vac measured voltage.
  • Three phase : 140-460 Vac measured voltage.
  • Selectable CT phase correction allows reversal of L1 and L3.
  • Measured Quantities: Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Active Power Max Demand, Apparent Power Max.Demand, Power Factor.

H=96 mm, W=96 mm, D=53 mm

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Product Name / Options

RI-F385-B - Easywire Multifunction Energy Panel Meter (Black) - Pulse, RS485/Modbus
RI-F385-G - Easywire Multifunction Energy Panel Meter (Grey) - Pulse, RS485/Modbus £150.00